Luxury hotel in Nafplion with an unsurpassed local hospitality


Between hiking, sailing, diving and fishing, visitors to Nafplion have a choice
between a multitude of activities that will make their stay a special experience.


What is important for us most is to offer our customers the family warmth, combined with the indescribable beauty.


Your day at the Gambello Hotel begins in the best way with a fresh and delicious breakfast that takes place on the ground floor of the hotel.


For unforgettable wedding moments a plethora of experiences & services are offered according to your preferences.


If you like horses and want to enjoy the joy of horseback riding, we can arrange for you a riding lesson, which lasts about 1 hour if you are a beginner & 1 to 4 hours for the advanced. These walks start from some local farms on the outskirts of Nafplion and continue on rural roads in nature, always under the guidance of an experienced-certified driver-rider. Horses are all trained & socialized with people & looking for love and caresses at first opportunity. A dinner or lunch with a traditional menu is also offered at this private farm. Please ask us if you are interested in one of the above services.

δραστηριοτητες στο ναυπλιο - Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms
δραστηριοτητες στο ναυπλιο - Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms


Cycling is a distinctly fun experience for all ages. The main areas of Argolida and Nafplio are flat, providing relaxing cycling trips with friends and relatives. Explore Argolida with a bike and discover places that would go unnoticed by traveling by any other means of transport. Specialized collaborators are committed to accompany you on all these routes and make you experience a unique cycling experience, providing you with all the necessary equipment, such as the right kind of bicycle depending on the chosen route, helmet and whatever else you need. Bike around with a bicycle through the streets of Nafplio and discover images that you would hardly see under other circumstances.


The photo tour focuses on selecting and exploring landscapes that, beyond their aesthetic value, offer unexpected opportunities for photography. At the same time, photography courses are designed for all levels that evolve during the excursion. We can move by car, bicycle and foot … Our invitation is addressed not only to the lovers of photography but also to people who want to see the places for the first time through the lens …

δραστηριοτητες στο ναυπλιο - Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms
δραστηριοτητες στο ναυπλιο - Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms


Blossom bougainvillea embellish the balconies of the houses, stone mansions that dominate the narrow streets and give a romantic atmosphere floods everything in an old town that has remained unchanged in the years of beautiful Nafplio. Stoned from two well-preserved Venetian castles, Palamidi and Akronafplia, the old town of Nafplio, will steal a piece of your heart from the very first moment. Venetian and neoclassical buildings, monuments, statues and medieval fountains welcome you in your tour. In the heart of the city you will find the cobbled Syntagma Square, an example of Italian aesthetics, surrounded by historic buildings. There you will see the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in a Venetian building of 1713 and houses exhibits from the Palaeolithic to Roman times, as well as the Parliamentary House, which housed the first parliament of the Greek state and the old Mosque.


Regardless of the age and physical condition of each participant, kite surf is a sport in which anyone can enter, quickly and with not a lot of money. The thermal winds and shallow waters of the Argolic Gulf are an ideal destination for quick learning, from mid-April to the end of October each year. Certified trainers in a well organized area undertake to educate us with complete safety and to learn to plan on the waves utilizing the ideal weather phenomena of the area. Get yourself into the magical world of this great water sport.

δραστηριοτητες στο ναυπλιο - Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms
δραστηριοτητες στο ναυπλιο - Antonio Gambello Luxury Rooms


Meet the products that produce the place and learn the region better, the people’s special habits, tradition and culture. In the wine tours we recommend, the wine-lover and traveler of tradition comes closer to our production and cultures of wine that has begun for centuries. Enjoy the well-known all around the world, Agiorgitiko and Moschofilero, as well as Rhoditis, Kydonitsa, Rocaniaris and many others that can pass you to the food habits and the local cuisine of the place.